A multipurpose and and flexible system of shelving...

KNM Shelving is a system of creating shelving and storage solutions around your concepts - in any size, and exclusively to fit your space.

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KNM Shelving’s industrial shelving systems are accessible in hundreds of general sizes and eventually provide the ultimate storage solution to several common issues. We provide the excellent quality and proper shelving designs that are ideal for warehouse and business use. Our shelves have customised designs; it is value driven and an ideal storage solution to meet the industrial racking requirements. We assure the best racking system in terms of technology, load performance, and durability. You can count on us for cantilever racking, warehouse, garage, and shed shelves.

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We also now sell Container Shelters to Suit 20ft and 40ft shipping containers.
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High-quality retail shelving system

KNM Shelving is one of the most prominent companies in Shepparton to assist you with high-quality retail shelving system as per your needs...

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We will help you easily select and design storage solutions which can make the most of your remaining space - whether it's garage shelving, warehouse shelving, cantilever racking, or shelves and racks for supermarket we can meet all your requirements.

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You can select the depths and heights of the uprights you need, then the depths and heights of the shelves will be customised according to your necessity. From there, it is just a case of making your way through the remaining extras to exclusively create the ideal solution for your storage requirements.

Here at KNM Shelving, we will assist you with prominent solutions and products so that you are fully satisfied with our services.

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